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Dear, Awesome Fun Family!

I hope you know I’ll never take an open door for granted. It’s a big deal to open your home to a stranger (we’ll soon be friends). It’s the place where you’re raising your energetic children, take on life with your partner in crime, but also the place that’s overflowing with love. In my experience with photographing families, I’ve learned that love comes in many different forms - discipline, surprise hugs, holding hands while crossing the street, making a giant pancake breakfast, getting tucked into bed.. the list goes on.

I hope you believe that life moves a little too fast. To me, the best moments are the ones that reflect your day to day. They’re the ones that you’ll want to remember forever, but the ones that are easiest to forget.

I hope you never get embarrassed over a mess. I won’t judge you as I sit her with a dusty floor full of dog hair, unfinished house projects, and a never ending pile of laundry.

I can't wait to photograph your family in an authentic way. I want to give you images that will never go out of style, make you feel like a happy parent for all that you do, and show how much your kids adore you.

The Heart of Allison Mah Photography

I fell in love with the art of photography the day I got married. With our day documented in the most beautiful way possible, looking back at these memories provided a meaningful way to connect with each other. I believe this is more important now than ever, since we often have our heads buried in the latest technology. With strong work ethic and my comfiest PJ's, I let my passion drive me to become a professional photographer. I'm full of gratitude to provide families with an outlet to reconnect with one another on those tough days.. The days when you need a humble reminder of what's most important in life.

the heart of allison mah photography

I was a born planner from my mom's DNA, but when I'm behind my camera, I become patient and spontaneous. One of my favorite parts about family documentary sessions is that we can't plan for everything. There's a level of uncertainty in what will happen, and we're all on this adventure together for the day!

I believe that when you love people, life can take you on a journey that you may not have seen coming. We are constantly evolving into a better version of ourselves, and I want to capture who you are now with the people you love - in the present. This journey is an art in itself.


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