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Fine Art Pet Portraits


How long are these photography sessions?

Sessions typically last between 1.5 - 2 hours long. This gives me time to settle in and your pets to get comfortable with my presence. I'll wait for moments to naturally unfold, so I am patient with these opportunities and work at a slower pace.

Where do they take place?

Pet sessions will take place primarily inside and around your home. We'll hang out where your pet typically finds comfort and you can interact with him/her as you normally do. Because we will be inside your home for the majority of the time, sessions will take place rain or shine. We can also venture outside for a short walk or play time, but do not recommend our entire time together outdoors. Due to COVID-19, I will be wearing a mask while inside your home.

Does the whole family need to be home?

Not necessarily. Some times, there still is some human interaction that I capture. However, I photograph more gestures and body language rather than a traditional family portrait. I don't think you'd be visiting this page if you didn't have a special bond with your pet, and I think that's special to show during your session. The examples in the gallery above should give you a better idea as to how I incorporate humans into pet portrait sessions.

Do you have a special pet contract?

Yes, for my safety and yours, I have a pet-specific contract that will need to be signed upon reserving your session date.

How much do pet sessions cost?

To reserve a date, a $200 session fee is required. After final selected images have been retouched, you will have digital file and print options to choose from. Your session fee will be applied towards the minimum investment. Please contact me for a full guide on pricing.


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