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FAQ for Families

What comes with the session?

Visit the info & pricing page to see the three types of documentary sessions currently being offered. The session fee covers photographing coverage and includes a low-res watermarked copy of your Artisan Gallery.

After all images have been retouched, you will choose your collection of digital files (separate fee).

  • Master gallery: Photographer's hand selected gallery of favorite images (high resolution files in JPG format)
  • Full gallery: Extended gallery of all final image selects (high resolution files in JPG format)

Albums and prints are also available for purchase.

What is a Day in the Life session?

The simple answer is exactly what it sounds like.. A day in your life.

The long answer is it’s me documenting your family embracing your crazy, often chaotic day-to-day life. We all know that life isn’t perfect, but there is beauty and love in the way you connect with each other, and it's found in your home every day. It's most likely just buried in that fourth load of laundry!

Do you have any activity ideas for Day in the Life and Hourly Documentary sessions?

The best activities are the ones that you do as a family on a day to day or seasonal basis. Some starter ideas are making breakfast, have a picnic, visit an ice cream shop, hanging out at the lake, apple picking, blow bubbles, sports in your backyard, wash the cars.. the list goes on!

I got you covered and have a monstrous list of ideas for you.

Can we take some formal family portraits too?

Absolutely! For Hourly Documentary sessions, the formal portraits will occur during the first 10-15 minutes of your session. The remainder of our time will be documentary photographed. If you've signed on for a Day in the Life session, we can still set aside up to 20 minutes of formal portraits, but I will also document everyone getting ready!

You have to eat, right?

During Day in the Life sessions, you'll provide my meals (lunch & dinner) and I'll eat with the fam because you've adopted me for the day! I do however photograph/eat at the same time if interesting moments are happening. Thankfully, I'm the world's least picky eater and will devour any edible food you place in front of me.

Do you travel?

I had my bags packed yesterday! If you're going on vacation, what better souvenir than one that documents the joy of your vacation? Basic travel fees apply (transportation, lodging, meal stipend), but I know you have your hands full planning your own trip, so I will arrange booking myself!


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