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Family Photo Pricing

Full Day in the Life Investment - 12 Hours

It's the hardest and most rewarding job to be a parent, and these images are the perfect way to be reminded of how much chaos and love is in your home. You've adopted me from the time kids wake up through bed time. I promise my camera becomes invisible quickly, and you’ll carry on with your regular routine and activities that you like to do as a family. Pricing starts at $1,200.

Half Day Investment - 6 Hours

During this time, you’ll carry on with your regular routine and a 3-4 activities that you like to do as a family. This could be anything from playing with bubbles in the yard, taking a dip in the pool, shopping, errands, making a meal together, or heading to your favorite neighborhood spot - nothing out of the ordinary. Pricing starts at $850.

Mini Day Investment - 3 Hours

Same experience, but a shorter amount of time. Plan 1-2 of your favorite family activities. I recommend starting at your home and then traveling on location to do an extra activity. Pricing starts at $600.

Hourly Documentary Investment - 1 Hour

Love the style, but only looking for some something more basic? We can still capture the fun and laughter of your family on a tighter timeline! Choose a favorite family activity where everyone can participate. Pricing starts at $400.

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