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Family Photo Pricing

Half Day Investment - 6 Hours

During this time, you’ll carry on with your regular routine and a 3-4 activities that you like to do as a family. This could be anything from playing with bubbles in the yard, taking a dip in the pool, shopping, errands, making a meal together, or heading to your favorite neighborhood spot - nothing out of the ordinary. Pricing starts at $900 (digital files and prints sold separately).

Mini Day Investment - 3 Hours

Same experience, but a shorter amount of time. Plan 1-2 of your favorite family activities. I recommend starting at your home and then traveling on location to do an extra activity. Pricing starts at $900 (digital files included, prints sold separately).

Hourly Documentary Investment - 1 Hour

Love the style, but only looking for some something more basic? We can still capture the fun and laughter of your family on a tighter timeline! Choose a favorite family activity where everyone can participate. Pricing starts at $600 (digital files included, prints sold separately).

Going on a fun trip? I packed my bags yesterday, contact me about vacation sessions!


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